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DO Vehicle and Ped Spawner and another mod have been deleted

  • I've deleted my mods below because of very low Likes comparing with other mods.

    • DO Vehicle and Ped Spawner
    • AddedPeds Generator and Importer for Simple Trainer

    You can easily find a 20+ Likes mod everywhere in GTA5-Mods but I can hardly find a 20+ Likes mod anywhere in my mods. I've been really disappointed this fact and honestly I don't want to spend my time and my efforts for who cannot share values of my mods.

    At first, I thought that I didn't need to write this kind of things, but there are each 2,500+ downloads thanks to GTA5-Mods, I considered that I should write a reason why I've deleted my mods for the downloaders as an obligation of an author.

    The following image is the final status of my mods.


  • @DeathOverload The least you could have done is put a disclaimer stating that the condition of the availability of my mods is dependent of me receiving an adequate quantity of "likes". Eh, oh well, seems no one liked em' anyhow, LOL...


    There's no so called "obligation as an author". You can't force people to like your work. These scripts seem to have decent ratings, and got many updates, so there's not that much wrong?

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