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Low-rating mods for no proper reasons

  • I've been browsing through comment section of many mods and I can find people who low rates for no proper reasons.


    • Low rates because they don't like the author.

    • Low rates because they don't like the mod or it doesn't support pirated version of gta 5

    • Low rates just by saying (we've seeing the same kind of mods over and over)

    These kind of things are going on the website
    The rating system actually need some improvement.

    If possible
    Add a new person just to check the ratings and remove unnecessary lowratings.

    The admin should take action against these people who low-rates mods for no proper reasons.


    @ThEDarkEvIL You can report these comments and we will delete them.

  • @Unknown-Modder yeah,I know but I made this topic just to sort out those low ratings for no proper reasons.

  • This thread may really help...

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