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Mods folder /dlcpacks Not Loading

  • So this is the first time I've played since .1180 was released. Very first thing I did was update everything, and the game starts and loads fine, including EUP and all my plugins. The issue comes when I try to spawn addon vehicles. I have a few folders, including Albo's modding setup for custom vehicles and etc. After various updates I of course had to update the update.rpf and inside edited my dlclist.xml file to list all my new addons.

    For some reason, despite updating various files and checking the new update rpf and copying over a new gameconfig file, I can't get any of the addons to load.


  • I had this happen to me today, everything was fine exited game to go do something else came back a few hours later now it won't load any DLC (Even vanilla ones from MP) or Addons.

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