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Random game crashes after ~30min. [SOLVED]

  • @eshenk
    Jesus christ I finally found the cause of my random crashes.

    First of all I got rid of the D3DERR_DEVICELOST by displaying the game in borderless window mode.
    Second the random STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION was caused by this mod: https://de.gta5-mods.com/misc/ambient-car-sounds#comments_tab
    It replaces the ambient car sound by modded ones - some of them seem to be too much for the game to handle - I never tought of audio mods causing the crashes but since I got rid of it the game runs perfectly with +15 Add-On cars, +15 script mods, + HD texture mods.

    Now I can die in peace - lol.

  • @P1P3L1N3 And I found the source of my crashes too. When I installed the realism 0.9 mod, I opted not to include the DLC because I had real police vehicle replacements that I did not want overwritten. What I found was that their vehiclemodelsets and popgroups had references to their own special models that were obviously not in my game, LOL. I removed all entries, and life is good!

  • @eshenk

    Man what a great day :dark_sunglasses:

    Enjoy the game!

  • Hey guys, just yesterday I had installed GTA 5 Redux repack v1.36 by Fitgirl.
    Since today when I started playing, it doesn't take even 5 minutes the game crashes.
    There are no mods WHAT SO EVER!
    So why is it crashing? I tried to change the gameconfig anyways but it didn't help.
    I uninstalled and re-installed my graphics drivers.
    In the past the game worked Perfectly even with mods.
    What can I do?
    What's the reason for this?


    @SecterSeven let me stop you right here

    [README] Frequently Asked Questions: Site-Related

    Do I need a genuine version of GTA V to use mods?

    Pirated versions are not supported on this site and are not guaranteed to work properly.

    Discussions on pirated software are not allowed here. Perhaps you should buy the game if you want to participate on this forum.

  • @ReNNie said in Random game crashes after ~30min. [SOLVED]:

    Discussions on pirated software are not allowed here. Perhaps you should buy the game if you want to participate on this forum.

    Pretty much. ;)

  • Sooo, to bring this thread up again in 2021.

    I had the same problem with random crashes without error, but for me it wasnt 30min, it was 5 min.
    i also had the problem, that when i played the game and loaded a savegame after some minutes, i could not even spawn any addon car because the trainer "coulndt find model".

    I did the same with the ambient sound stuff and deleted it, but i got some crashes afterwards.
    i uses this guide to try some stuff link text

    i left the textures on super high but disabled and reenabled the vsync again.
    i have around 30 addon cars, ALL the addon wheels (like 500) with all the textures, i got 10 replacer cars like the mule, the jet (a380) goodyear blimp. i also got natural vision evolved installed and all the textures for roads and billboards pack and everything. my DLCs have a combined size of around 10GB of mods. and it does not seem that this is the end.

    so anyways for the people who read this in 2021:

    -delete ambient car sounds
    -lower graphic settings and do the stuff in the guide
    -update graphics driver
    -update gameconfig, heap adjuster etc.

    helped for me atm :))

  • @schnurboy
    Bringing this post back up again in 2021. Tried everything in the guide, but the game stil crashes. I am completly giving up on trying to play through the story with mods. The game has become so hard to mod than ever before.

  • okay sorry for bringing this back again but I only use 8 car addon mods and Redux, im pretty sure the cars are fine before I install Redux, the game still crash after 2-5 min playing

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