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  • I saw a vid in facebook wherein Lamar is replaced as Lester crest. It's kinda funny lol cause Lester seems like a warfreak dude who's tryna bust someone's ass. Can someone tell me how can I replace Lamar? I saw a Jay Z mod and I want to put replace it into Lamar?

  • I believe you can use OpenIV to do so. (I.e. Rename Lamar to Lester.) I don't exactly know how this works, though. Also, make sure you backup the files you are changing just in case you mess up or it doesn't work out.

    I did this with this mod <- 18+ (embarrassing enough!), and it worked out okay. I simply dragged the two files from the mod into OpenIV and it switched the character in GTA. I am not sure if it works with walking animations and/or speech, either, but I believe it keeps it the same as the original character, obviously.

    Hope I helped. Please +1 if so!

  • @Ardy-LvX Thanks for the reply bro. I already tried that but when there's cinematic scenes wherein Lamar use to change clothes there's a lot of bugs

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