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Realistic Rifle-Butting / Realistic Injuries

  • Basically the ability to rifle-butt people without the animation of hitting the target and them spin away and fall/die. You could be surrounded and rifle-butt in a circle but instead of insta-deading them, they stumble back kinda euphoria like. Also the ability to do all this while moving would be nice. For example, say you have the zombies mod downloaded and you don't wanna stop and rifle-butt the zombies leaving you defenseless to the zombies you aren't engaging with the animation. Running and rifle-butting would knock them down without losing your pace. The second idea is Realistic injuries, so for example when you fall off your bike at high speeds a notification will come up telling you that you've got broken bones/punctured organs (random injuries ect) and that you're in need of medical attention. Until you visit a hospital your character will walk with a limp and slow down drastically (perhaps even pass out via fuzzy screen fade to black?) If you cant reach a hospital, the ability to phone an ambulance via 9-1-1 should be available. Once phoned, an ambulance will spawn and drive up next to you, walk to it's rear where a prompt will appear to get in. Once the prompt is triggered you'll be escorted to the nearest hospital (this isnt shown however, you'd simply teleport to the hospital) When your screen comes to, you'll be outside the hospital with your character clean and healed. A notification will read in the same corner the injuries were earlier stating you're good to go and your bill amount depending on the severity of your injuries. (for people playing with realistic money values.. this bill might break your bank but hey.. atleast you're alive right?)


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