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Problems with the standard SP missions

  • Hi all,

    Running the latest GTAV and the needed scripts etc...

    Is there any known mods that cause conflicts with the missions?

    I have come across problems with the original SP missions that I can not find answers to. First was the mission where Franklin needed to buy a pump action shotgun but even stripping all of the weapons from him, it would not continue on with the mission after the shotgun purchase. For some unknown reason this issue disappeared after a day and many restarts.
    The new problem is the Meltdown mission. Going to the spot where Beverly calls and tells you of the chase works but goes no further. No sign of the chase.

    I installed the GTS mod the other day and have a few others,

    Lively World
    Build A Mission
    Map Editor
    No Boundary Limits

    Did have Open All Interiors running but ran into an issue where the save locations would not work so removed it for the time being.
    I have not tried disabling all mods yet and plan to do that today and try the mission again.

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