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[PLAYER] New/more walking/running animations and custom speech for modded/addon players

  • I recently landed on a great max-chloe player mod for gta5 from Life is Strange, but lack of the same walking and running styles as from the original game, wasn't that great an experience... I tried to use trainers to change it but nothing suited well, and no. of female animations are quite less.

    I searched alot too but couldn't find any walking or running animation mods or addons anywhere. If there can be changed or addon walking animations, it'll be a much better experience with modded player models.

    Also, if there could be a way to add custom speech sounds (like compliments, interacting, etc) for modded/addon players, it'll be even better. (how epic it would be to have a complete niko bellic with his own walking animation and required sounds from gta4?! :D )

    I'm not a modder so... Can anyone do this?

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