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Add a fixed time for mod-approval

  • It will be good to add a fixed time for mod approval,

    all the mods should only be approved at a specific time for an example mods should be approved only at 8 PM everyday

    The benefits of doing like this are more - people will approach at that time for new mods if I remember files getting approved only in the Morning (before 6-10 months).

    Why not follow the same thing which the old admin did for approving mods?
    And one more thing I have to say.
    I did saw a mod with 2 lines description (the mod upload rules already states that "you need a detailed description or else your mod will be removed" idk which moderator/admin approved the mod without even looking. - here is an example - https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-pastgen-pack

  • @ThEDarkEvIL
    That seems like it'd make less traffic instead of more. Right now you could check back every hour (or less!) and find new mods. Also this directly defeats the point of the automatic approval system, which is to decrease the waiting time for mods to be approved.

    Also that is not the way the old administrator did things. I've been uploading mods here since this site was first made public, and have had mods approved throughout the whole day.

    If you see mod pages that you think violate the rules, report them using the Report link. Thanks.

  • @Jitnaught He usually approves mods in the morning ( it was fixed) and in the noon and night time.

  • @Jitnaught I think he's talking about when rappo was admin, he used to approve mods around 10 pm to 5am my time.

  • @ThEDarkEvIL Probably because those were the only times he could (due to having a full-time job).

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