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How can I have VWE , IVPack , World of Variety and RDE at the same time ?

  • How can i install Realism Dispatch Enhanced , Vanillaworks Extended , IVPack and World of Variety at the same time , in which order do i have to install this mods ? As far as i read , this mods are compatible with each other however i have no idea which modes i have to install respectively in order to make them working , they seem like a wrong order may overwrite some stuff you don't want to. I also use Realistic Driving V , which seems like it won't interfere with the working of other mods , but the handling of ingame cars , excluding IVPack , VWE and RDE vehicles.

  • Nothing overwrites anything - they are entirely different mods. You don't need WOV because the mod authors of RDE merged WOV into their popgroups.


    @Boywond @Carrythxd I remember there's an order, right?

  • IIRC the correct order is:

    1. IVPack
    2. VWE + VELP
    3. RDE

  • On the edge of necro-posting but I found useful Boywond reply with the install order.
    I'd like to know a couple of things:

    1st - In the current release of RDE is included World of Variety v2.0, given that WoV have been recently updated is it a bad idea to install it last in the given order?

    2nd - I would like to install LSPDFR too is there any compatibility issue with the other mods?

    Thanks for any info.

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