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[SCRIPT] Hide w/button Mini Map Mod

  • Im looking for a mod that u can hide the mini map hud "on the go" maybe with a configurable button combo. Any help would be awesome!

  • It doesnt seem like it would be hard to make but I wouldnt know where to start. If someone could at least tell me if its even possible that would be pretty cool! Maybe I can figure out how to do this myself! Maybe @jedijosh920 can tell me if I can make this with his program.

  • @masterschwag it's possible, many trainers have that feature. You can see how it's done in

    at around the 3 minute mark. I don't have PC access right now to do it but maybe you can figure it out :)

  • @yeahhmonkey Oh hell yea my friend! U are awesome! Thank u so much!

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