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[Script][Misc] (How) New Skin/Replace skin for Strippers in Private Dance Mini-game

  • Hello, there was a mod in gta san andreas, the cleo girls xxx. That scripts models were fully replaceable as the models inside that script had a separate .img file, from there you can replace the skins with your new ones. So, I was just gonna request a mod from you guys for the private dance mini-game as I can't find which path to go to change the strippers skin in the mini-game. Also gonna segway a bit and ask what is the path for changing 'stripper skins in vanilla unicorn private dance mini-game'. I think I haven't search all of gta v's whole game directory yet but its really taking long and there are no answers on google.

    *Side note: I don't have knowledge in programming.

  • @bunny9992 I already told you, you can't lol

    @rarefacer please tell her..

    but maybe you can make a script for it

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