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Create an L.A vegetation uninstaller, please help me ..

  • Hello, I come here urgently asking for help to solve the problem of L.A Vegetation, I have done the installation of the same VIVI of the same .. Only in some parts of the city my game gives a very annoying lag, I would very much like to have an option to reinstall! Because I do not have the mod folder, is there any solution to my problem? I just want to uninstall, nothing more ..

    OBS: I do not want to change my resolutions:
    Why without the L. vegetation my chart looked great, with or without it ..

    Any solution to remove this lag that does not touch my resolutions is welcome !!

    I'm Brazilian and I do not understand things here :)

    Is there any way I can remove L.A vegetation without reinstalling my GTA V? Anyone good soul create an uninstall OIV?

  • Don't create multiple topics about the same subject.

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