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Easy Tool for changing location of Rockstar Editor clips

  • I've always found that tampering with the Windows console is a bit skeptical, as you can easily screw something up. Rockstar also hasn't added the ability to change where your clips (not exported and finalized videos, just the recording clips themselves) are saved, and they are saved by default, on the drive you installed your game on or where your documents folder is.

    The problem is, many copies of GTA5 will point to the SSD, where the "documents" are usually stored, and nobody wants their SSD to be constantly used for this purpose, and many would rather save their videos on an HDD rather than an SSD.

    So, I am request a simple tool (maybe just a dialog box) that allows inexperienced Windows users (and those who are unsure like myself) that allows the default clip saving location to be moved. I believe this is called linking folders in Windows, but again, I am unsure. It is also important to remember that this will help the dozens I've met talking about this issue over many forums, including Rockstar's forums too.

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