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[VEHICLE] Boeing 747-400 (multiple variants that can be chosen)

  • @FoxtrotDelta or @SkylineGTRFreak @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA

    Recently, I went to the trouble of purchasing PMDG's Boeing 747-400 V3 Queen of the Skies II pack, for a whopping $89! In return, I now have access to some fantastic and amazingly-detailed 747-400 models of all the main variants, including the 747-400 PAX, -400F, -400M, -400ER, ERF and BCF. I even have a model for the 747-400D (Domestic) variant that was used by JAL and ANA.

    I'd absolutely love to have one of these planes brought into GTA V, and would be incredibly grateful if this may happen. Feel free to drop me a line if interested, and I'll provide either the models themselves or the package itself for installation! Money for me is a bit tight at the moment, what with my driving lessons sucking my account dry, but I may be able to provide a small donation in addition to the models if needs be.

    The 747-400 was the most produced 747 model, and many examples are still in use today, although the older ones are being retired from passenger service and are either being stored or converted into -400BCFs.

    As for what variant to choose from, the ball is in your court - I'd be more than happy to see the standard PAX version, -400F/BCF freighter or -400D, though ;)

    Here's hoping this goes somewhere, and I look forward to hearing back from anyone who might consider giving this a go.

  • @Kiryu

    before purchasing any more aircraft for FSX do send me a PM . i could have saved you those 89$ as i also have this pack from a few months back. also alot more aircraft in my FSX Drive. so feel free to ask if you have any aircraft installtion Setup requests. i'll send em for free. no worries.

    i have over 500+ aircraft in my FSX and many flying hours in my account :P i love aircraft and aircraft mods. too.

    for now im working on ur b47 and a few others for many people and work has been slow because of my studies and exams . i won't be able to take any more requests unless they involve Donation. since i only have 4 hours each day to work on mods and i intend to finish others first.

    i hope skyline or canal embraer have time. for it but looking at recent past i feel skylinegtrfreak is also busy with school stuff like me. lets see

    if no one makes it and i have free time i will definitly Go for PAX version. later in near future but i make no promise as time is hard to find these days. im sorry. :/

  • Alright, I understand.

  • I look forward to hearing from anyone who'll consider taking this mod on - it would be excellent to see this plane in the skies of GTA V. I understand that time is short, so it's a good thing that I'm patient. I'm not like the people you see quite often harassing modders to make what they want.

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