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[MISC][SOLVED] Long Blur Increase?

  • As you can see on the image i want to increase the long blur strenght while i am using the DX10.1 because 11 has jagged edges issue, i want to increase the long dof or blur if there is anyway let me know. Thanks
    alt text

    Ok i think i found a solution how to do that using Reshade 3.0.8

    First download all effects
    Press SHIFT + F2 to open Reshade Menu
    And these effects requires to enable:

    • AdaptiveSharpen.fx ( AdaptiveSharpen ) > This clears the image from Blur
    • Denoise.fx ( KnearestNeighbors ) > This increases the long blur (like Dof)

    For better quality also enable

    • Reshade.fx ( MXAO )
    • Clarity.fx ( Clarity )


    • alt text
    • alt text
    • alt text
    • alt text

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    just a tip: you can edit your post (next to reply - quote use the vertical three dots) to include all pictures in the first post you made

    Maybe you could also tell us which values you used for the parameters you mentioned?
    i'm still on an older ReShade version, but tempted to upgrade, in which case, it's nice to know which values you used

  • @ReNNie What you mean values? i haven't modified any value just as a default.
    Simple download the Reshade setup from the link i shared, install it and Enable these effects i have mentioned. If i'm not clear let me know.

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