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[Solved] How to make ENB High quality MSAA work with ReShade64.dll?

  • ENB HQ msaa works for me with SweetFX using enblocal proxy settings:

    However, using Hellspawn92's Reshade preset, or VisualV's Reshade preset, ENB HQ MSAA no longer works (but the Reshade effects are working fine). Any preset that uses reshade & ENB proxylibrary of Reshade32, Reshade64.dll, or renamed dxgi.dll/reshade64.dll makes ENB HQ msaa not work - at least for me.

    Also (not sure if related) but when msaa isnt working, neither is Shift + F12 to open ENB game menu.

  • @turtlevan a work around for the time being is. bump up your resolution . for example if you run your game on 1080p HD 1980X 1080 right now. and need msaa then run your game on 2,560 x 1,440 which is 1440p resolution. you won't be needing MSAA and performance might be better than msaa 4x.

    just a suggestion try it.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thank you will try your suggestions! I was trying Nvidia DSR 4k 2160p

    In motion, the best AA is 4x/4x/4x/4x ENB hq msaa (ssaa), in game msaa, refl msaa, NVcP msaa/ nvcp 4xsgssaa & txaa

    or all set to 8x without txaa (also just found txaa can be enabled on 8x with commandline.txt entry -txaa)

    Yea ive been doing 1440p & 2160p and also found a german DSR custom tool that enables 8k & 16k (all the way up to 40k-lol)

    Sucks to have to compromise between having a great Reshade preset and no HQ msaa, or HQ msaa & only being able to use SweetFX presets,

    I should just use 1440 or 2160 like your recommend but my pc cant handle the high res at high fps... haha

  • @turtlevan MSAA 4X is more fps hungry than 1440p resolution without msaa. i would suggest you give it a try. no need for too much higher resolutoin just 1440p . and if you don't like it. you can change it back. but for me. i can turn on msaa with reshade no problem.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I can turn on msaa with reshade also, but this image shows the option which is working fine with sweetFX and not working with ReShade:

    alt text

    It has something to do with how Reshade hooks DX & intercepts ENB's ability to work, sweetFX is doing it differently somehow.This option enabled forces SSAA on top of the MSAA & makes NVCP SGSSAA work

  • @turtlevan hmm for me its different.

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in How to make ENB High quality MSAA work with ReShade64.dll?:

    @turtlevan hmm for me its different.

    I'll make a gif to show u difference in ON/OFF, see if it works for u

  • @turtlevan no need for a gift man. i know what you are talking about. i can mark them on off. tick untick green stuff. and visual difference is there. ! i can see that. i am telling you it works for me. you gotta play around with settings i guess.

  • Thanks FoxtrotDelta, will you please share your reshade + enb with me

  • @turtlevan

    cynoxrules@gmail.com contact me here. i'll send files the important ones

  • @FoxtrotDelta contacted

    Here's a GIF for anyone who wants to see the difference in motion

    alt text

    Higher res: https://gfycat.com/FrigidElectricDragonfly

    alt text

  • Thank you @FoxtrotDelta. Your ENB + Reshade setup worked for me, now HQ MSAA is working with reshade.


  • @turtlevan Great i am glad i could help.

  • @turtlevan please update the title as solved :)

  • okay edited title to say solved.

    The difference in your setup which made mine work was that you're using d3d11.dll proxy instead of reshade64.dll, and also that all your mcfx & gemfx & sweetfx subfolders are located inside the main Reshade folder. Using this setup i was able to use the shift+Enter ENB menu and HQ MSAA is definitely working along with reshade now too!

  • @turtlevan Told you. i'm glad it works for you now.


    @turtlevan Can you upload any pic so we can compare our MSAA's with yours?

  • @Reyser would it not depend on your resolution ? and your hardware?


    @FoxtrotDelta He have same graphics card as mine, and resolution maybe too, that's why I asked to compare.

  • ok got it.

  • @Reyser Watch in motion, screenshots will all look very similar

    No AA = Gemoetry aliaised (lifeguard shack, umbrella posts, ocean waves, power poles)

    4x msaa + No ENB HQ = Shadows aliased, look at sharp black lines on beach sand, (but now geometry is anti-aliased)

    4x msaa + ENB HQ = Shadows + Geometry anti-aliased


    I'll still post A screenshot to compare tho, gimme a min to take ss, spent all day making that stupid gif, lol


    @turtlevan Ok, I'll wait, anyway looks good the gif comparision.

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