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How to tweak suspension?

  • I have several L405 (2012-present) Range Rover mods, such as https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2014-range-rover-vouge-sc-3-0-v6-replace and another one which is the same 3D model but different wheels.
    (They both replace the baller)
    I also have an Autobiography version, (an add-on) which has an amazing suspension setup (in my opinion) - its not as bouncy as the other replace versions, and was wondering what values i need to edit & test with in the handling files to get their suspension like the Autobiography version.

    Any help will be well appreciated.

    P.S If you know where I can find the baller handling files, that would be even better thanks :)

  • Everyone says not to 'bump' yet everyone does it and if I don't no one will respond, and the 'bump' track record is pretty good.

  • have you looked at the suspension lines in the handling file maybe

    also maybe try google or something idk first result: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/3842/tutorial-handling-meta

  • @ikt Thanks. Yeah I have and I tried editing some, up and down numbers small & large amounts but nothing seemed to work.

  • @ikt Do you know where I can find the baller2's handling file? Nothing in x64e :(

  • common.rpf

  • @ikt Thanks found it

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