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[PLAYER]+[WEAPON] First-Person Peds ADS Sights Off Center

  • First off, Hello there!
    And Please forgive me for my English!!!

    So I've been hard to enjoy playing as Peds In FPV (First-Person), when spawning as peds,
    I'm seeing that when aimming the sights are to low and a bit off center. Leading shots up and a bit to the left.

    So my qusation is there any fix for this, is there a way to script weapon sights to match with in-game players like Michael' Franklin & Trevor?

    FOV and other First-Person mods have no effect on this from what I see, only Peds. Is there any fix for this to improve in-game QOL? Any bit of information on how to edit or work around this would be super awesome! Thank you!

    As, I belive I put this in the wrong topic as I picked Request but was changed to I belive Releases, very sorry.

    Thank you for fixing this!

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