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game stopped working.

  • I finished the game long back,

    Today I was just messing up with the setting so as to reduce the lag and uneven gaming.
    I downloaded the "Best settings for high and low pc" and I was unable to identify which setting should I actually apply. So, I just applied 'Low V5' but I messed up by not saving my old setting file.
    I don't remember my video card description and I'm messed up totally. Whenever I try to open the game the first screen appears the music hits up and the rockstar symbol appears and after that, it's total black and a window pops up saying "GTA 5 has stopped working".

    So, can anyone please help me out through this.

    My laptop is running on Intel Graphics and AMD graphic card.

    Plz, help me out.


    @rajathsingh jusr delete the settings.xml file and start the game

  • "Backup" seems to be a secret word.

  • The problem didn't solve yet. The game is loading and suddenly it stops showing 0_1510596854298_Untitled.jpg

    I just don't know what's wrong with it. Plz, help me out.

  • Did you add or replace any file using OpenIV? If you have a "Mods" folder in your game directory then just delete it. If you don't have any Mods folder then go to OpenIV, click on tools, then ASI Manager, than select ASI Loader. Now start the game. I hope it helps, if it doesn't then please let me know I will try my best to solve it (:

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