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  • Hello,

    i Installed the VisualV Mod and the Natural Vision Remasterd How Can i get the Blur if i drive a car?


    Read the file named ReadMe.txt from the VisualV download.

    Excerpt from ReadMe.txt:

    VisualV has introduced several optional changes to improve your game experience, here is the list of them:
    - Advanced motion blur - enables motion blur, effect is stronger adequately to vehicle's speed.
    - Better positioning of pause menu - slightly changed Options tab, added First Person menu, Graphics and Advanced Graphics tabs are sorted better.
    - Earth's Atmosphere - script, which changes a sky behaviour when flying on high altitude, sky is getting darker.
    - Enabled blur during weapons radiostations switching - self explained.
    - ENB settings - ENB config, more informations above.
    - Grass improvement - removes grass dithering, especially visible in Los Santos.
    - No coronas - removes vehicles coronas.
    - No lens flares - removes lens flares from the game.
    - Original coronas lights - restores vanilla settings of lights like strength, intensity of distant lights etc.
    - Procedural shadows - enables shadows casted by small objects like cans, rubbish on the tarmac etc. (may cause reduced game performance).
    - RadianceV compatibility - adds compatibility to RadianceV mod.
    - ReShade preset - ReShade settings exclusive to VisualV, with MXAO shading technique, ambient light and heat haze effect.

    There's an optionals folder with Advanced Motion Blur.

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