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Anybody want to talk about the Bravura? + Beta Vehicles?

  • No not that one. The one that was apparently used as a car wreck and turned into a four-door for some reason; yeah that one.. How many people have actually known about this? The amount of work required to turn this car from a coupe into a sedan tells me that this wasn't always meant to be a random wreck in a parking lot, it seems like at some point it was a beta vehicle that got scrapped, but that's mostly speculation on my part. Also, at the risk of this sounding like a request, has anybody ever thought about doing something with this car, or thoughtabout this car period since SA? Also, any info on other beta cars? Particularly bemail cars from SA?

  • @ThePurpleFucker I don't think that's a Bravura, seen a 4 door in SA that looked like this...

    If I'm ever playing SA again I'll find the car and I'll show you once I have its name.

  • @krashadam it probably looks different then the original Bravura because it was a coupe with massive dragon wing sized doors. Plus the 4 door configuration changed the way the windows look too, but it is basically the same shape.

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