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Zmod missing texture and emissive snowball

  • Hi im new to all this , i look a lot of tutorials try alot of options.
    im getting better, but fot some reason I face problems that I cant correct .

    in zmod i can see my skelleton but not the texture or cover up,
    all the videos im looking ,they just open it and textures are there.. can somone help me ..?

    im trying to creat an emissive snowball ( i make the texture ball become emissive but not affecting the object) BUT I cant even see my texture in the first place

    an emissive an snowball could look like magic and lasers
    look not so hard to do.. I would like some help , or somone do the uv for me, that would be cool ! would not help me to be better with zmod , but would have this glowing ball that im tryying to get for 5 hours lol

  • i can see the textures in the textures browser tho..

  • Uhm....W T F?!?

  • It more or less seems like You managed to import the texture into texture browser, but forgot to create a material in accordance with that texture AND apply that as well?

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