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Addon Weapon SLOT

  • Hi friends ,

    Im trying to add more weapons to my game , I have the spweaponpack working, but i want more
    in did all the steps to add ( 1 ) weapon in a wab page about this .

    I used all is steps and replicate the spweaponpack changed all the names dlcpack :superweapons and changed all the names of all the folder inside out , lists , aniamtion and all ,, not working

    But one thing came in my mind the SLOT on the page they say to make sure to take an empty slot ,
    where is that and how it look like ?

  • Ho and I tryied the Addaweapon folder base for adding 1 weapons at the time , its working but but worst of all its a wrench meta its not throwable !

    Captain america script need trowable weapons to creat peds , in the spweapon pack 6 on like 11 work with this , i tryied to put a workin weapon on a non working weapon and the working become not working , so my conclusion was , all this is in the weapons core

    that why im trying to clone the spweaponpack i want those 6 more throwable weapons.. i dont know how to change the texts files of my original spwpack to make the other 5 weapon the same as the ones who working .

    the conclusion is ' maybe its the Slot that i used for the clone is no empty ?!

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