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[Released] McLaren 570 Series [All In One][Ultra Quality]

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mclaren-570s-series-uq-aio

    New features to look forward to :

    • Optimised LODs for less resource usage.
    • Innovative Realistic Dials with Gearshift display
    • Two types of dials to choose from ( normal and track mode).
    • will contain all 570 series models.
    • engine bay light can be turned on by turning on the vehicle interior light.( Default color is white, you can change the rgb values of interior light in visualsettings.dat to your liking, red engine light will suit the vehicle more).
    • oiv archive with 1-click installation.
    • full features list is added on mod webpage.
    • read every instructions before installing and reporting any errors..


  • Marvelous ! cant wait.

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