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Patchday files

  • Is there a way for me to aquire to more recent patchday files to gain access to some of the newer cars that have been added as well as to use their files for mods.. ive tried searching around with the keyword patchdays and havent found anything yet..



    Let Steam/RGSC update your game? Then you can have all the newest files you want.

  • @ikt i would if i could my friendo :D i cannot though thus my question :/

  • @MDSasquatch LOL @ "my friendo" Kindergarten much? There is no other way. Either verify steam cache or use the other method if using retail.

  • @eshenk i didn't know kindergarten children used friendo, or that there was anything wrong with it, perhaps you're in a poor attitude. Regardless your answer is false there are reddit threads for it. Dont say anything if you cant be nice!



    We know there are repositories to download the individual original patchday files from
    This site is not one of them

    Maybe we do not understand you correctly?

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  • @ReNNie ah thank you for a helpful answser! i will perform further research on other parts of the internet then i appreciate your assistance sir ReNNie

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