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Help With Livery Texture

  • Hello fellow modders of GTAV and alike! I've recently got my feet wet with modding and started doing texture mods for car liveries and I made and uploaded my first livery about 2 days ago.

    My question is can anyone help me or give me guidance in how I can make my textures look better in terms of quality? I feel like my livery/texture is low quality compared to others and I definitely want to heighten the quality on it .

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • @Marc30499 Can you present your said texture?



    • Use a proper tool like Photoshop CS and work in layers and with vector shapes;
    • Always resize a template to 4096x4096 and upload both 4k and 2k to the site;
    • Add screenshots to your mod that actually convey its quality. The current feature shots on your M4 are wayyyy to dark

  • @krashadam !!
    those are my textures

    @ReNNie thanks for the advice rennie! :grin: but I use gimp 2.8.22
    is that just as good as Photoshop?
    and what do you mean by work with vector shapes?

  • @ReNNie I don't know anything about image editing but a lot of that sounded about right.


    Gimp should be fine :) can't really tell anything about it because I'm using Photoshop since ages

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