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where is the FlareGun.Meta ?

  • hi guys just an other question
    im trying to make a laser gun with this like the laser stungun/railgun mod's guy did with the stun gun
    you know where are the flaregun files ?

  • Banned

    You can use Ctrl+F3 to search for stuff in OpenIV.
    The file you are looking for is called 'weaponflaregun.meta' & can be found here:


    & here:


    Use the file in update.rpf as it overwrites whatever is in any of the same files in the dlcpacks folder when the game loads. If you don't have a 'weaponflaregun.meta' in update.rpf either use the one in mpheist or take the 'weaponflaregun.meta' from mpheist & drop it into the update.rpf file path I specified above.
    Both options will work.

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