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Can anyone tell me why this is happening i got a few mods installed and i think its the graphic mods

  • @VulcanOrigin
    This happens when:

    • you saved too many cars with persistence mod
    • you just spwned a ton of add on cars
    • you let add on cars spawn in traffic
    • too many add on cars installed at once

    If something of this is true for you then:

    • just save max 3-5 cars with persistence mods depending on what your pc can handel
    • dont spawn too many add on cars at once, let them despawn first
    • most add on cars are too complexe to let them spawn in traffic, the engine just cant handle it
    • if nothing of this is true but you just have a lot of cars installed try to disable some of them and see if its getting better

  • @P1P3L1N3 cool ill try that out but I don't understand how my computer cant handle this I got a gtx 1070
    with a i5 7600k and 16gb of ram and that's not even running full load. ill be at like 40% load when playing

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