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How to sit in back of 2 door car that has 4 seats?

  • So I've seen a few cars in gta 5 that have 4 seats and 2 doors. I know this is possible because I already have a car mod I downloaded that does this. It also has the normal sitting animation, but without the door open/close animation.
    They glitch through the back window as if there is no solid object there.

    Does anyone know how I can take this method and apply it to other 2 door cars that have 4 seats?

    Here is the link to the car that can do this:


  • @jbdx94 Just curious. Why would you want to do such a thing, LOL...

  • You need to have zModeler3 to do that. You have to add seat dummies (into the place, where is the passenger "butt"), but I am not 100% sure about the fixing of entering/leaving animations. AFAIK, one of the files, which control animations related to vehicles, is "vehiclelayouts.meta".

  • @eshenk
    Because in single player missions where you need a car with enough seats to carry other charcters, it be cool to use a car I want, instead of having to find some ugly ass 4 door. 2 door cars look much sleaker even if they still have back seats.

  • @HRH
    I've never used zModeler3 before, can you specify in more detail what options I have to click, etc?
    I have imported the .yft of the car I want to add seats to, idk how to do that next step. Where is the dummy seats option?

  • @jbdx94 If you have already opened the vehicle, you want to add the seats on, then now import any random vehicle, which actually has 4 seats. Drag the "seat_dside_r and seat_pside_r" 2 dummies into Your own vehicle and now You can delete the rest of the vehicle, You imported latest. You should already understand, that these 2 dummies assign the seating places, so just move them into the places, where You want them to sit. Leave the dummies just under "chassis", You dont need to put them further into something. Export the model, remember that You have to export 2 different files vehiclename.yft and vehiclename_hi.yft.

    This solution is logically derived, haven´t done the exact same operation, let me know, if You have problems...

  • @HRH
    What do I press to move the seat positions? zmodeler3 looks so complicated

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jbdx94 Modify → Move . Select "Local" in the upper middle box and move by all 3 axis (X,Y,Z) where You need.

  • @HRH
    Thank you!!

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