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All skin mod is work, but just one type mod that crash, can you help?

  • I have the latest version steam edition(too lazy to check it) on pc

    Log(sorry i'm not really understand this part because i just access this forum by using a phone):


    So i downloaded so many add-on ped, from HQ model into low model, from any great modder here, but only one type of mod that crash, the injustice 2 mod by @fakeplastic i try his mod like redhood, arkham knight, and the others and it works, even deadshot from injustice 2 mobile is work, the mod that crash is batman, superman, cyborg and doctor fate injustice 2, the other add-on car and ped? Work fine

    It's not crash while on loading, it crash when i try to spawn it, i spawn all my 56 ped and it works, but when i spawn the batman from injustice 2 mod by @fakeplastic it crash, between all mod that he made, only that is crashing

    Ah yeah, i use the latest scripthook, addonped selector, net framework, and the rest


    Why are you mentioning the cracked v1.0.350? I was too quick and reported the post before re-reading the second part of that remark.

    As always provide some damn logs. Why doesn't anybody read this :sob:

  • Sorry man my mistake

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