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any mod for 4 player offline?

  • any mod for 4 player offline? or maybe 3 player offline mod?
    thru LAN also I don't mind.

  • @arsitek There is a MultiPlayer mod (which allows another person to join on the same PC presumably, but from what I can recall the mod opens a new window for a second player.)

    As for 4 player, this is technically playing Online. I'd say try FiveReborn but expect bugs.

    I can't find it right now, you'll have to cruise for yourself. Try searching "2 player" into the search on the mainsite, you might find it. Hope this helps.

  • thanks. so basically not yet have 3 or 4 player offline, connected to local network>?

  • @arsitek I believe you could play multiplayer on LAN via FiveReborn if you have 3-4 separate computers, and 1 of those computers (or another separate one) would have to also act as a server.

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