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How do you make a ped never attack the player?

  • I would like to figure out how to make a certain ped model never attack the player.

  • Still relevant, I need to find a way to make group members ignore the player!

  • @dev614 Just ignore them, and they will leave you alone.

  • Hi. It is peds.meta . I can set to cop-relationship any ped whit any skin in addonped whit the albo's pack or whit addonped3.0 (have another difficult sistem on another file ,but work) . For the player-relationship ... i search it on another my post but no have results... For the cop we have the data(need all ped data) from more peds.meta , the "player data" is stored on peds.ymt <encripted file>. There is a tool for encripted file ymt but work on map file-ymt and some other but NOT on the peds.ymt. If I have the player ped data of michael/trevor I can upload a mod for create a ped - player friendly . I have search a gang ped for set it on relationship.dat to like player but there isen't on peds.meta ,the same for "player ped".

  • WOW. I just read an entire paragraph, and understood nothing of which was read, LOL...

  • @eshenk I think he’s referring to another post of his I commented on referring to adding Peds to relationship groups and I said you use peds.ymt to do so. The broken English makes it a little hard to decode but I think that’s the gist lmao

  • LoL. EASY mode ON : A skin ped have relationship,player,cop,civilian,gang and other
    Peds.meta have the name of the skin-ped and the relationship an is the real creator of the group
    You can set whit this file a generic ped "name1" to a real cop ped.
    The other file relationship.dat is for the group not the singolar ped, it can set cop like cop or cop hate civilian and other you want

    I have only data for the cop (from the mod of albo) .. We can set only cop or normal civilian to any ped. If we have a gang or a player data from peds.ymt (peds.meta encripted) we can set a ped to be friendly whit player

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