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AFTER US map don't Load.

  • Hello

    I have a trouble with the After US Map.

    I juste reinstal Gta5 ( steam ) to get it clean of everything, i just install Rage Plugin/Dinput/Scripthook/scripthookdot.
    Then i install Map editor and After us, i have follow all the steps correctly.

    i start the game launch it on Director mod, then i stop trafic ped ad vehicule ( like it say in after us readme ) ad when i load the map from Map editor, after Laoding it's right : " Map Failed to load, see error Below ------- An element with the same key in already added ".

    I don't understand i have check everything there is only 1 file of every files ....

    i have DL frontiere map to know if it was Map editor the problem, but it load perfectly the map :////

    Help me please ;) .

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