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Lags when I enter in collision with an object (other car, wall ...).

  • Good evening,

    I'm experiencing an issue when I'm driving. When I enter in collision with an object, I have a kind of very agressive FPS Drops, the sound get slow, ... I do not know if you know what I mean. But all is fine if I don't enter in collision. I've already had this problem, but I do not remember how I've fixed it ...

    I precise that my game is modded (cars, trainers, ... if you want a list, tell me)

    Could you help me ?


  • OH....MY...GAWD...

  • @eshenk whawt

  • @Tinmar that due to car colision ( or custom prop if that when entering in a custom prop colision), i guess modded car don't get all settings but may i'm wrong

  • Hi,

    Thx for answers. Yes it depends of modded cars. It's due to "auto repair" settings in trainers who does not fit very well with bad prop collision. I've unchecked the settings and all works fine now :)

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