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Redux Handling Mod wont go away! help?

  • So i reinstalled the whole GTA5 earlier to try get rid of the SH*T handling mod what you get from redux OIV package install,
    once reinstalled it was still on... Went ahead and transferred all my backup files of GTA5 clean unmodded and started it up, it done it again...
    It happens to all cars including my add ons.. now i dont know what to look for and do... someone help

  • Ive deleted everything that i have for backup... and currently re downloading my game. Before i install anything i will check
    to see if its fine, (as was after first reinstall) i'll make a brand new mods folder and check to see if its fine.. if it is i will transfer, my current dlclist of my addon cars, the folders of the add on cars and enhanced native trainer.

  • Redux has always been known to be shit.

    speaking of which, why the hell did you bother installing it without doing research first?

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