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What determines the video order on your own uploads?

  • As per the title, what determines which order the videos are shown on your uploads?

    I added a video today that I presumed would go at the end but it went second in the list. Is there something I can do by naming that will change the display order... like putting zzz_ at the front?

    The screenshots have gone in order, but I named them sequentially. Unfortunately I have no control over what other people call their videos.

  • The videos are ordered with the author's own contributions first (in order of date added from left to right) followed by any user additions, completely randomized. At some point I want to give mod authors the ability to rearrange the videos, but for now this is the ordering system.

  • @rappo Okay, that makes things clearer. Would it be possible to split author contributions and user contributions, or would that make things overly complex?

    I'm just worried that if I upload something that might have information in it, it will get lost in the mix so to speak. I can pin an important comment and the description is a linear thing, so they take care of themselves..

    Users naturally assume that the last video is the latest one... or at least that's how I've been viewing videos on other people's mods.

  • @rappo yes it would be great to get back the option to set order by ourself ;)
    Good luck

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