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"A new guard page for the stack cannot be created" Error & Crash - One Possible Fix

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    Just putting this out there:

    I got the "A new guard page for the stack cannot be created" error when I got a wanted level. It was instant, one star, one crash :/
    I had been working on changing how the dispatch works so knew it had something to do with that but had changed MANY files.
    I googled http://bfy.tw/F8da but didn't find anything of use so decided to have a mess around with the files I had been working on.
    Turns out it was a syntax error in one of the handling.meta files I had been working on.


    			<Item type="NULL" />
    			<Item type="NULL" />
    	<Item type="CHandlingData">
    		<fMass value="1800.000000" />
    		<fInitialDragCoeff value="7.800000" />
    		<fPercentSubmerged value="85.00000

    Notice the second </Item>, it should NOT be there. Given the research I had done online, no way did I expect THAT to be the fix but sure enough the game works perfectly with the correct syntax & when I put the second </Item> back in the file & loaded the game, one star, one crash again.
    The easiest way to look for syntax errors like this in a file is using Notepad++ (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.5.1.html) & it's XML Tools Plugin (https://sourceforge.net/projects/npp-plugins/files/XML Tools/).
    Once you install Notepad++ & then install the XML Tools plugin (instructions in download above), you open the file/s with Notepad++ & go to 'Plugins' > 'XML Tools' > 'Check xml syntax now' & this will highlight any errors it finds. It will point you in the right direction anyway, it does help to know a little about how syntax works. Think of it like different parts sectioned off in their own brackets. They need to start & they need to finish.

    Example of correct syntax:
    (Main thing here opening
    (some stuff here)
    (some other stuff here(with a little bit here))
    Main thing here closing)

    That's the very basics anyway.

    So if you get this error, it's definitely worth checking syntax before reinstalling your mods folder/game. Get into the game files using OpenIV (http://openiv.com/), search for any newly installed/changed files that may have had errors sneak into them, extract them & check with XML Tools.
    Hope it helps, best of luck.

  • @JonaQ Very useful tutorial, as I am constantly making edits to various files myself. Never encountered this error before, but now I will know where to look to get to the root of the matter.

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    Thanks, I try to document everything I find. I very much believe in an open-source community that documents & shares information freely being the best thing for modding.


    Ah. Actually never seen this particular msg just yet.

    If eg you skip a closing statement in handling.meta the game just simply crashes with a generic error msg

  • @JonaQ DUDE!!!! I revisited this topic because I too had lately been getting this same crash/same error. It turns out after validating XML with notepad++, it found a single syntax error - very first line had a couple spaces before it - <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> so I pilled it over all the way to the left, and saved! I just knew someday this would come handy.

  • @JonaQ My game is having this issue even after removing my mods folder I tried to repair the install but nothing works the method you've provided is way too complex for an idiot like me


    @SLY95ZER remove any scripts

  • @Reacon Done that still nothing

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