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Scripthook.net keeps crashing the game

  • Hey, have anyone here who also have had problems with scripthook.net? my game keeps crashing by some reason everytime its installed... (and yes, it is scripthook.net that is the problem). I didnt have problems before but suddenly the game kept crashing... i have reinstalled the game and everything... i got all the visual studio thingys and all that also... i just cant find out the problem...

  • What do your ScriptHookV.log and ScriptHookVDotNet.log files say?

  • Yes this is a similar problem I share as well. After GTA updates, I update scripthook like normal but then my game crashes constantly. I even update any mods that have been updated as well. Is there any way to find what is causing the crashes via the logs? I've been told there is but I'm not aware of it, can someone help? Thanks


    What about just posting them

    idk theres a pinned thread that mentions them by name

  • Ok thanks so much, so just the scripthook log and scripthook.net logs correct? I can post no problem. Thanks again for replying.

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