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Help Needed! How does yft file know where to apply textures?

  • Hi there, during the installation of car mods, i found that there is no pattern of texture file names inside the ytd file. For example, when I installed a ford Explorer police car mod, in the ytd file, there is texture file called "explorer_sign_1", which is the paint job for whole vehicle. However, when I checked the carvariation file, there is nothing related to the "explorer_sign_1". So, I wonder how does the yft file know where and which file to apply on vehicle.

    Here is my guess, during the creation of yft file, the file name and where to apply is already been decided, since I don't know how to edit the yft file, so I can't check it.

    So, is there anyone here has experience of create a car mod from scratch, please help me, thank you!

    PS, here is my reason of knowing that. I wanted to change a police car mod, but there is no existing police car mod that using my desire vehicle. So I downloaded my desire vehicle mod, and rename it as police car mod's name. After I entered the game, i found that the whole car is white. So, i wanted to apply my own texture to that car. After that, I found the problem i described above.

  • @hysasuke Open up a yft file with OpenIV. Look at the bottom right on the screen. There you will see what said yft is referencing for all textures to be used when vehicle is to spawn in-game.

  • @eshenk yes, I know that there is reference to file names, but my question is, for example, the file name called police2.ytd which contains all the textures the car needs. However, inside the police2.ytd, there is no pattern or rules of how to set those texture files name. So how does those textures assign to the car models? Like which texture file is the paint job of car body, which is the texture of lights, etc.

  • @hysasuke There is a default decided by the game-engine itself. Then for the sake of variety - so that all vehicles don't look the same - editable files that will assign different colors, liveries, modkits, license plates etc. Files such as vehiclemodelsets, carvariations, carcols, contain variables that decide how these things will go in-game.

  • @eshenk ok, so as I mentioned in the original post, I downloaded a Ford Explorer police car, and it contains follow files: police2.ytf , police2.ytd and carvariation file. However, inside the ytd file, the body paint job texture is called explorer_sign_1. But when I checked carvariation file, there is nothing related to the texture file name, and I believe that the default texture is neither called that. So I'm still confused

  • @hysasuke said in Help Needed! How does yft file know where to apply textures?:


    That is because there is NO "explorer_sign_1", LOL. It's actually called police2_sign1. Problem solved.

  • It's actually called explorer_sign_1 later on I will give u a screenshot. I know what you think, it's confused me for a while and that's why I post here to hope someone could resolve it for me. Regards.

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