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More Featured mod / 3-4 of each category ?

  • The featured mod is pretty usefull to make a mod know, the only problem is that it can stand for one week as it can stand for only few days,
    My suggestion is to increase the number of featured mod and let it for a week
    Also it's often car, I think it should be of each category in order to let any mod get a chance and not only car mod.
    So set 3-4 featured mod for each category (at least the biggest category such as Car / Weapons / Maps / Script / player), so increase the featured 'part " on main page and reduce the " latest mod " (that is a bit useless since if you enter a category you will see these latest file first) could highlight more mod in my opinion.

    Also why not add a forum Topic about " Mods of the month " making a short list of the best mod by month set by admin, or why not voted by communty ;P So it could keep a trace of the best mod over the month.

  • Also why not remove all the " latest file " of the main page since as I said it will already the first displayed once you select a category ;P so It could keep the main page for " best mod of the week " or whatever

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