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[PED tutorial]how to convert an MMD character into gta5 (如何将MMD人物制作成GTA5的MOD)

  • This video series I made is a tutorial to teach you how to convert an MMD character into gta5. the model I used is 初音ミク/Hatsune Miku, created by Xoriu from deviantart.
    the address is: https://www.deviantart.com/art/TDA-Miku-Trio-DL-449399661

    Here I show the final result of this Tutorial:

    I converted Miku into game, and also fixed the skeleton of face, so Miku can blink and talk. In this video, I also created a small map mod: miku stage.

    Here is the 1st video of this tutorial, total will be have 11 videos to explain you all the details of steps.

    To save the page size of topic, I won't paste all 11 videos in here.
    you can watch more tutorials on my youtube channel.

  • Update: All video tutorials have been uploaded.

  • hi @Yoha , very grateful for your dedication, I do not understand your language, there are no subtitles in English? thank you anyway!

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