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2011 Volkswagen Touran Dutch Police / Nederlandse Politie [ELS]

  • Volkswagen Touran 2011 Nationale Politie

    These members have works on this project:
    • Robin
    • Thomas
    • Eno

    Place the car files in: Grand Theft Auto V > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday14ng > dlc.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 > vehicles.rpf
    Place the ELS.meta in: Grand Theft Auto V > ELS > pack_default

    • Model: Prio1Gaming
    • Lightbar base: ThoGameTime (ThomasP)
    • Side braces: ThoGameTime (ThomasP)
    • Lightbar glass: ThoGameTime (ThomasP)
    • middle lightbar/front/back glass: Rock
    • Blue Light: tomcat 8492
    • box: ThoGameTime (ThomasP)
    • Citygis: ThoGameTime (ThomasP)
    • Quest: ThoGameTime (ThomasP)
    • speech key: ThoGameTime (ThomasP)
    • front/back flash base: ThoGameTime (ThomasP)
    • rack: ThoGameTime (ThomasP)
    • orange light back: TeamMOH (Ide)/achillesDK
    • M/A-Com Radio: OfficerUnderwood
    • Modiforce Panel: Team Robinlistiq
    • Motorola Microphone: OfficerUnderwood
    • ELS.meta ThoGameTime (ThomasP)
    • Window tints: Team Robinlistiq (Robin L)
    • Window fix inside: Team Robinlistiq (Robin L)
    • Template: EnoMods/Enoklaassen (Eno)
    • Skin: Team Robinlistiq (Robin L)

    Fergot a credit? Please say it us.

    Additional information:
    Do not forget to check the readme in the file. This contains controls for the ELS lightbar.

    A big thanks to ThoGameTime (ThomasP) for making a realy nice lightbar and more police stuff!!

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