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Create This Person Please in GTA V Please

  • can some one create (Nicole amber Maines) please in gta V !!!! and here's a picture. THANK U ! ! alt text

  • your requests are always demanding...

    you never state any matters of payment... and you never provide decent descriptions.

    nobody can work with 1 screenshot.

    also wtf is this person? i don't think anybody will make a model of her seeing as how she was never mentioned here (from my 2 years of being here.), which means nobody's heard of her.


    And you should stop referring to money as the ultimate solution imho

  • @ReNNie but isn't it what everybody here's looking for? (besides ArthurLopes, Dekurwinator and Ahmeda, the only 3 people I recall who don't charge)

    also dude I'm just going by the facts I was brought when I myself made requests, because somebody else told me I had to be paying money for just about every request to whichever modder came up to me first. you can't (and you shouldn't in the end) be telling me that I'm always saying "mun3y is th3 ult1mat3 s0lut1on" because that's exactly the guy (who brought me this information to begin with) always thought, now that your comment made me think about it.


    Yeah, came on a little strong there :)
    Still feel it's better to keep going against the money-driven modding then give up and row with that flow

    eg I'm using Ganjahouse's public rims pack, Lore firendly rims pack, everything from Zievs, Lord Neophyte, OhiOcinu, Ahmeda1999, TheF3nt0n and just about every single script from Eddlm and LeeC22012

    And I only 'pay'... read contribute actual money for licensing, when I feel like it
    For me, it's the digital equivalent of buying a friend a beer and saying 'thank you, thank you for all you're doing for me, for us'

    My time however I do try to invest where I can to support these great modders, be it with texturing, dirt, liveries, testing, etc

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