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A bit more ScreenShot space

  • Well the actual ScreenShot limit is 15 but sometime it's not enough to fully show a mod, so increase like by 5-10 would be really nice in my opinion hope it's possible ;P

  • @Shaezbreizh The limit is currently 18. If you'd like to go beyond that, I suggest uploading all your screenshots to imgur.com and linking to the gallery in the description.

  • @Shaezbreizh As well as rappo's suggestion, you could grab a load of screenshots, throw them into Windows Movie Maker and make a slideshow video. That way one video slot could hold as many screenshots as you like.

    Or simply zip them up and add them to something like Google Drive and provide a download link to that in your description, or in a pinned comment.

    Or even make a WIP thread and add a load of Imgur links to that.

  • @LeeC2202 Well I already did as rappo said for important map where it was necessary to give more picture and well i'll keep doing in this way if that not possible to get a higher limit, that not a real matter anyway ;P

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