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how to make sunroof open

  • Ok this might be a silly question but I like how the mod creators make cars to match reality, but one thing that really caught my attention was the ability of some model to actually open sunroof by using keys which maneuver the tow of the tow truck (atleast in my case) the mods such as:-
    https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mercedes-benz-gls-63-amg-2015-add-on-replace-animated and
    https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-lumma-clr-750 by saysay & Alex9581 and Gta5Korn respectively have operable sunroof,
    This ability got me crazy and I was like If I can be able to do this on some other add-on that I have installed it may look cool so I tried to find out but I guess its based on the model itself
    But I thought why not ask you guys if some one in the mod community help me out !!! whether it is possible or not
    if it is operable by clicking some buttons rather than using a trainer to open and close it as an extra, then maybe it operates on some code or vehicles.meta properties
    Thanx in advance for helping me in answering rather a stupid question .

  • Hey!

    i have a another 2 mods which have panoramic roofs such as

    but yes i agree with the fact that there needs to be more vehicles in gta with working sunroofs and pan roofs

  • @Raval there is much more options than this for example vents or moving back glass on spyder cars, but it should be done first in the model. If you can't open sunroof using trainer you can't make it openable without editing model for sure. if model have openable sunroof but only using trainer and not by key, I pretty much think then you can do it just by editing meta files or any step without touching model, but never tryed this so have no clue how :see_no_evil:

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