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Extra Tuning for Vanilla Vehicles?

  • I was wondering if anyone had skills/expertise in adding extra tuning to the vanilla GTA5 vehicles?
    I have a few ideas.
    They would only be things such as roof rails,spare tires, maybe some exhausts and bumpers etc.
    Obviously willing to pay :)

    UPDATE - Contacted some skilled modders in this area, but so far no one has messaged back.
    I am again appealing for anyone who could do this?
    There are mainly roof rail attachments and colour schemes (for example secondary colours etc)
    Thanks :)

  • BUMP. Every car must have a blower motor. There are no exceptions.

  • @ethannn_ I like blower motors, and blower motors are apart of tuning, thus I support extended tuning. By the by, saw that they have the option to switch around the dashboard in some cars, or at least change the color of the trim, but that ain't true for all of them. Would be nice to see worked on too.

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