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Strange issue when spawning in cop cars.

  • So I wanted to spawn in some cop cars in GTA V and when I did for some reason they don't really seem to have gravity like the other cars I've spawned. If I place one in the air using menyoo it slowly falls down...I don't know if this is just a game issue or a mod issue. I spawn things in usually using menyoo and yes gravity is on. Other vehicles I spawn actually have gravity, but it seems that most emergency vehicles have no gravity.

    • I can usually drive them fine, but I wanted to make a cop chase and I wasn't able to because the actors driving the vehicle could barely move (I used scene director) the vehicle, and I came to realize that its the same bug that happens when an empty cop car is dropped from the air. It seems to fix itself however if I get in the car, but once I leave the car and place an ai gravity doesn't apply to the vehicle anymore.

    Ex of issue:


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