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Vehicle Add-Ons/Replacements

  • Hey there! Fellow rationally minded individual against Donald Trump here. Ran into a problem regarding vehicle spawns.

    Very new to modding. Only reason I purchased the PC version, to be honest. Anyway, a couple weeks ago I figured I'd take that first leap into the modding world. Downloaded Menyoo off a YouTube video, all has been great. I've been able to spawn the vehicles I want with ease, modify their hp + torque, teleport, etc. Absolutely fantastic mod menu for someone who has no experience with them whatsoever.

    However; this is not my endgame. I wish to spawn real life vehicles, and eventually alter the game itself (physics, graphics, map altercations, etc).

    I downloaded ubludock's vehicle pack (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ubludock-vehicles-pack-add-on#description_tab). Then I downloaded Open IV. From there, I followed the directions on ubludock's Read Me.

    Opened up GTA and opened up Menyoo menu (Shit, is Menyoo supposed to sound like Menu?) and went to vehicle spawner. Then down to custom input... typed in ubludock's vehicle codes AND..... no luck. Invalid entry.

    Anyone have a "Modding for dummies" guide? One that explicitly states all steps from the begginning, and assumes no prior modding knowledge?

    Damn near willing to pay someone to hop on Team Viewer and show me how it's done.


    -Fellow rationally minded individual against our P.O.S.POTUS


    Was able to add individual cars. Apparently Vodka helps.

  • If anyone could direct me to functioning car packs though I would bestow upon them the sacred blessings of a thousand pharaohs. Thanks in advance.

    PS plz rep me so I can get past this 600 second limit bullshiet

  • As a matter of fact, Menyoo is a play on words of Menu, that's the gig.

    But you should describe exactly on what instructions you followed.

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