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[MISC]Removing the ambient city sounds

  • Hi, I just copy past another post but this is something I'd really like to do and I don't know how!

    I'm playing GTA V with the Simple Zombies mod and a few different mods to make it bit more realistic. But the thing that keeps bothering me is when I activate the Simple Zombies mod all the traffic and pedestrians disappear but I keep hearing the ambient city sounds like car honks, sirens etc.

    So my question is: Does anyone know of a mod that disables these sounds or does someone want to take the effort of creating a mod for this?

    I'll try for myself to create one but I'm a complete noob. But who knows, maybe I'll get it done!

    Last of all every bit of help is appreciated so feel free to suggest some things.

    I don't get why no one have done this, especially for the multiples zombies mode that are on gta5mods!

    I'm looking into it, but I'm a lame modder, so if anyone know how to disable ambient sounds in the game, please please tell us! :)

    edit: I've tried to edit the file ONESHOT_AMBIENCE.rpf but it crash my game. I think if there is some edit to do, it's in this file.


    @flodumalawi It can be done very easily via a script and I told sollaholla how to do it a couple of months ago but he hasn't had the time to implement it yet.

  • @Unknown-Modder Hi, first of all, I really like your work, I'm a big fan!
    It can be done very easily for a good modder like you or for a noob like me? ^^

    I want to replace all the file concerned in the oneshot_ambiance but if creating a script is easier I'm ready to try!

    edit: Ok, so I've read some post about creating scripts, and I think I'm not skilled enough for now, and I can't learn a new language cause I have some familial obligations that take most of my time. I'm beginning the modyfing of ONESHOT_AMBIANCE.rpf, just to see if it work ^^

    By the way I hope my weird english is understandable.

  • @flodumalawi There are two mods which remove certain ambient sounds. You can check out how it's done.


  • @Cyron43 Hi! Yes I've tried those mods, but it crashes my game. Maybe I've installed the incorrecty, I didn't re-try to install them, I wanted to ask here first. Those are the mods that mad me want to modify the oneshotambience.rpf. I think the method is to replace the original sound file with a blank sound file, but I guess there is a way to do it without corrupting the file? It can't be as simple a just replacing the file in the .rpf right? :p

  • @flodumalawi Well I just did what the author says and it works:
    "Start OpenIV
    Edit Mode
    Place all files into

    Just make sure you never modify original files but a copy (of the update.rpf in this case) in the mods folder.

  • @Cyron43 Ok you motivate me, I'm going to try again :)
    I always use the mods folder, and I make a lot of backup. I've wasted so much time when I started modding gta because I wasn't using the mods folder lol.
    I think STREAMED_AMBIANCE is in the x64 file in the mods folder not in update.rpf, anyway I'm re-installing it right now to see if it work!

  • @flodumalawi Yep you're right. My bad. :slight_smile: It's been a long time since I've installed it but it still works.

  • I just tried it, and it work as intended! Thanks @Cyron43 for the little motivation ;)
    So I guess i'm going to replace all the files that are un-natural in zombi mod, like the guy screaming "whoo" and jumping in a pool, kind of break the atmosphere when you're supposed to be the last man on earth lol

    If this work I will upload it I guess, unless of course if anyone more skilled than me figure a better way to mute those ambient sounds!
    edit: it seems that there are a lot of ambient sounds in resident.rpf too.

  • @flodumalawi I'm glad I could help. Have fun. :slight_smile:

  • @flodumalawi Do u still have hte distant car sounds script? it got removed on gta5mods.

  • @Cyron43 deleted :/

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